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  • Micrima: Developing technology for breast cancer screening

    A new breast cancer screening method in the future.

    The MARIA® breast cancer detection system is being developed by Micrima, a diagnostic imaging company founded in 2006 and based in Bristol, UK.

    The MARIA® whole breast imaging system uses harmless radio-waves to detect breast cancer and requires no breast compression so should be more comfortable for women. Today MARIA® will identify areas of interest that need further investigation with other modalities. The future functionality of MARIA® is exciting. The MARIA® scan collects data from 1770 interrogation pathways across 101 different frequencies from 3Ghz to 8Ghz. This is a vastly rich data set contained within each scan. New advanced learning methods are now being applied to understand the clinically significant data contained within this complex data set. Micrima have a growing database of patient data and it is hoped with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and this database, MARIA® will be able to further characterise lesions and possibly even differentiate cancer types. 

     MARIA® has been trialled so far in over 400 women in the United Kingdom. Further trials are taking place at leading European centres. Currently, MARIA® is being used in clinical trials in symptomatic clinics, and it is hoped in the future this may be a viable alternative for routine breast screening.

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