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Scientific papers

Scientific papers

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  1. Radar based breast cancer detection using a hemispherical antenna array- experimental results M Klemm et al IEEE trans. Antennas propag. 57(6), 1692-1704 (2009)
  2. A large scale study of the ultrawideband microwave dielectric properties of normal, benign and malignant breast tissues obtained from cancer patients M Lazebnik et al phys.med.biol. 52(20), 6093-6115 (2007)
  3. The dielectric properties of biological tissues. 2 Measurements in the frequency range 10 Hz to 20GHz. S Gabriel et al Phys.Med.Biol. 41(11), 2251-2269 (1996)
  4. Development and testing of a 60-element UWB conformal array for breast cancer imaging. M Klemm et al in proc.of the 5th European Conf on Antennas and Propagation (EUCAP11), PP 3077-3079 (2011)
  5. A comparison of wide slot and stacked patch antenna for the purpose of breast cancer detection. D Gibbins et al. IEEE Trans. Antennas and propag. 58(3), 665-674 (2010)

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