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MARIA® Technology

The MARIA®  system, a new breast imaging modality is based on radio-wave technology that offers new diagnostic information in dense tissue whilst requiring no breast compression or ionising radiation exposure to the patient. This makes the system safe and comfortable for the patient and hopefully an alternative to Mammography in the future.

The array consists of 60 radio frequency antennae that surround the breast. They are configured to operate over a wide range of frequencies. Each antenna transmits and the other 59 record the signal back from the breast tissue which allows MARIA®  to build up a 3D map of tissue variation throughout the breast.

The scanning process takes less than 5 minutes. The data is then reconstructed before being presented to the clinician as a DICOM-compatible 3D volume. MARIA® captures variations in the impedance, permittivity and conductance of tissue within the breast to differentiate between normal tissue and lesions, and also between types of lesions based on their individual electromagnetic response.

This contrast mechanism performs particularly well in dense tissue and in clinical trials systems have detected tumours as small as 5mm.

How it works
Introduction to MARIA®
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