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Clinical papers

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  1. ECR 2020 – Phantom Classification Abstract Submitted version
  2. ECR 2020 – Patient feedback on a Novel radiowave breast imaging system – Abstract
  3. EECR 2020 Abstract Submission #14066_ Microwave imaging breast cancer detection_ A multi-centre study.
  4. Machine learning methods for tissue classification of breast lesions from a radio-wave response.  Trushali Doshi, Chris Bore, David Gibbins and Louis Tsui
  5. M. Shere, I. Lyburn, R. Sidebottom, H. Massey, C. Gillett, L. Jones. MARIA® M5: A multicentre clinical study to evaluate the ability of the Micrima radio-wave radar breast imaging system (MARIA®) to detect lesions
    in the symptomatic breast. European Journal of Radiology 2019
  6. R. Sidebottom,D Webb, B Bishop, C Gillett and S Allen Launch of the LIESL Trial-London investigation into DiElectric Scanning of Lesions. A review of early cases and lessons learnt from the set up and initiation of this trial using novel radio-wave imaging technology MARIA® 
  7. T Doshi, I Lyburn, R Sidebottom and D gibbins Radio-wave imaging- Frequency responses as an aid to lesion characterization. Early concept work Symposium Mammographicum 2018
  8. I Lyburn, D Gibbins, N Ridley, M Schoenleber-Lewis Detection of breast cancer in the symptomatic clinic using radio-wave technology- A multi-centre study Symposium Mammographicum 2018
  9. A. Iriarte, G.de vargas, C. Bore, P. Bannister, L. Tsui, D Gibbins, Estimation of breast density using radio wave radar imaging techniques ECR 2018
  10. P Bannister, I D Lyburn, L Hobson; H L Massey, M Schoenleber-Lewis, M Shere. A reader study of MARIA radio-wave breast imaging compared with x-ray mammography for the symptomatic breast RSNA 2017
  11. I. Lyburn, R. Geach, L. Hobson, L. Jones, H. Massey, N. Ridley, M. Schoenleber-Lewis, S. Taylor, P. Bannister, M. Shere.Multi-centre Symptomatic Assessment of a Radio-wave Breast Imaging System EUSOBI 2017
  12. Radio-wave detection of breast cancer in the symptomatic clinic- a multi-centre study  International Cambridge conference on breast cancer imaging 2017 
  13. Radio-wave detection of breast cancer using pulse-synchronized imaging International Cambridge conference on breast cancer imaging 2017
  14. Cancer detection in dense tissue using radiofrequency imaging: a clinical evaluation. Proceedings. Ridley N, Shere M, Lyburn I, Bannister P. ECR 2017 (Selected for enhanced oral presentation)
  15. Automatic labelling of lesions using radiofrequency feature discrimination. Ridley N, Iriarte A, Tsui L, Bore C, Shere M, Lyburn I, Bannister P. ECR 2017.
  16. Dr P Bannister-BSBR presentation
  17. Radar Imaging of Breast Lesions – a clinical evaluation and comparison. Shere M, Preece AW, Craddock I, Jones L, Valencia A. Proceedings ECR 2016 (Selected for enhanced oral presentation)
  18. Preece AW, Craddock IJ, Shere MH, Jones LIL, Winton HL. ‘MARIA M4: clinical evaluation of a prototype ultrawideband radar scanner for breast cancer detection’. Journal of Medical Imaging,2016, vol 3. (5th most downloaded JMI paper in 2016)
  19. Shere M, Jones L, Lyburn I, Geach R, Massey H, Hobson L, Taylor S, P. Bannister P, Ridley N. Radio-wave radar-based breast imaging system: an initial multi-site clinical evaluation. Proceedings Symposium Mammographicum, 2016 (Best Poster prize)
  20. M. Shere, A. W. Preece, I. Craddock, L. Jones, A. Valencia. Radar imaging of breast lesions – a clinical evaluation and comparison ECR 2016

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