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If you would like to find out more about some of our previous courses, workshops and conferences, please see the write-ups below taken from some of our courses held over recent months.

Association of Breast Clinicians study day 8th June 2017


Breast Clinician meeting

Association of Breast Clinicians Study Day Presenter



Micrima was proud to be the sole sponsor of the association of breast clinicians study day in Bristol. The meeting was well attended by breast clinicians from across the country. It covered topics key in breast care at the moment. Micrima had the opportunity to share the recent results from our multicentre trial with the group as part of the programme which was well received.





World Congress on Breast Cancer 15-17th June2017.

Micrima was one of the key sponsors for this meeting. It was a gathering of all disciplines involved in the diagnosis, treatment and care of breast cancer patients. Delegates came from 14 different countries. They debated the key topics in breast cancer care at the moment. There were lots of opportunities for Micrima to mix with the delegates and faculty at networking sessions. In these sessions, we discussed how a new breast imaging technology like MARIA™  could be of use. As it uses harmless radio waves instead of conventional ionising radiation and no compression. We also discussed the need for an imaging modality that was appropriate and effective for younger patients.

The Private HealthCare Summit 20th June 2017.

The fourth annual Private Healthcare Summit took place on Tuesday, June 20th, 2017 at the QE II Centre in the heart of Westminster. Keith Pollard and Sue Saville opened the meeting which examined how the sector can develop the market for private healthcare through partnership, innovation, delivering value and world class care.There were excellent speakers discussing important topics today such as cyber security, the future shape of private healthcare, the future of PMI, enhancing the patient experience and new models new relationships. Micrima took this Micrima attends private healthcare summit 2017opportunity to showcase MARIA™ to the private healthcare market, sharing the great opportunities they offered in today’s market where differentiation in services is so important.





Cambridge Conference on Breast Cancer Imaging 3-4th July 2017

TheExhibition stand at internatioanal conference on breast imaging international Cambridge Conference on Breast Cancer Imaging, hosted by the Cambridge Breast unit took place at the west road concert hall in Cambridge. The meeting was attended by delegates and faculty from all over the globe. The focus this year was personalised imaging and there were lots of presentations and discussion on how to proceed in a changing world of imaging. MARIA™ was well received both in the poster presentation and by delegates who thought it had a real part to play in personalised imaging.




EUSOBI congress 21-24th September 2017

EUSOBI breast cancer conference

EUSOBI breast cancer congress


The EUSOBI congress was held in Berlin this year just 2 days before the Berlin marathon. Over 800 delegates attended mainly from Europe but also some from the rest of the world. The meeting covered topics such as challenges to face in future screening, News in MRI, increased risk of breast cancer and tumour and biology radiomics. There were also some interesting perspectives from Germany, USA and Canada on screening programmes and MRI. Our exhibition booth was busy on both days but especially after Micrima presented on Radio-wave imaging in dense and heterogeneously dense breast tissue on Friday morning.





ORBS meeting 25-27th September 2017

The Oncoplastic and reconstructive breast surgery meeting was held at Nottingham University and was attended by delegates predominantly from the UK with some overseas. The meeting focussed on breast conserving surgery, evidence based outcomes, mastectomy =/- reconstruction, implants and radiotherapy and autologous flaps and adjuvant radiotherapy.

An interesting and slightly controversial lecture was delivered discussing DCIS, including the need for radiotherapy, the accepted clear margin size, the considerations for mastectomy and the consideration of endocrine and Herceptin treatment in young patients with high grade disease and casting calcifications. The discussion revolved around the considerations of the age of the patient, the grade of the disease and the tumour size.

An informative lecture was given about ALCL (Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma) which is seen in patients who have had breast implants placed. It was established that this is a very rare cancer but when diagnosed appears in implants that have a textured surface and is thought to involve an allergic cascade. Covered in the lecture was diagnosis, treatment with notable good prognosis. 28 cases have been diagnosed in the U.K with 409 cases diagnosed worldwide.


BSBR 5-7th November 2017

The BSBR meeting was held in Croke Park Dublin which was the first time the ASM has been held outside the U.K

The meeting covered a wide range of current issues and topics. These included new imaging techniques such as PET CT and discussion about current double vs single reading for mammography imaging in breast screening. This is a very relevant, widely debated topic addressing the workforce crisis in breast imaging that looms visibly in the future but seeking the answer to continue delivering the highest standards of care.

Current issues in breast cancer management were covered with a very interesting lecture given by Dr Penny Moyle discussing onco-plastic breast conserving surgery. The patient expectation of safe cancer treatment with a good aesthetic outcome is becoming a widely held expectation supported by a growing body of evidence that patients demonstrate a better psychological outcome with good cosmesis. The lecture covered information on the techniques involved in oncoplastic breast surgery and how these impact breast imaging including long term follow up.

A very interesting lecture on the final day discussed the impact of weight change between the age of 20 and breast screening age which produced some interesting conclusions.  Weight gain is associated with higher absolute breast density and may confer a higher breast cancer risk.


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